Why Is Networking So Important?

Fri, Jun 8, 2007

Internet Marketing

Here’s an immutable fact in life:You can succeed by the efforts of yourself in business – but only to a small degree.

Because you have only so much time and energy in a day.

But when you start networking with others, you join forces together so you will get multiple time, energy, and power and can reach your goals much faster.

Want a perfect example of how powerful networking can be to your success?

Have you heard of how Bill Gates networked with the giant IBM?

They joined forces many years ago so the MS DOS operating system (that was quite unknown until that time) was installed on every IBM machine sold. So very soon, thousands and then millions of people were using the Microsoft operating system.

Now how long do you think it would take Bill Gates to get this kind of massive popularity – if he wanted to work all by himself and had never networked with the giant IBM?

Do you agree that if he hadn’t made this smart move, now we might’ve never heard of something called “Microsoft” or “Windows”?

That is the power of networking.
So what about you?

Wouldn’t YOU want this kind of fast and BIG success to happen to YOUR business?

The good news is, in just a few days you’ll be able to discover dozens of powerful tips and tricks to use the big power of networking to multiple your profits and business success.

Just stay tuned for the release of the One Day Networking special report… 🙂

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8 Comments For This Post

  1. Sazkul Says:

    The power of networking, i really agree with that.

  2. Thien Kai Wei Says:

    Hi again Ladan!

    Just want to say I waiting rather eagerly for your special report to be released.

    Yes, networking with people who have establishments in their field of work is very important. ❗

    ۲ days ago I just got off Yahoo Messenger working out the details with my very first joint venture partner, and she is the ONLY person I networked with at WIS.

    Throughout the 4 days I did not mix around, then on the last day I ran into someone I brought an eBook from on the VERY LAST DAY…and poof! We are now working on something! 😀 😀

    Imagine what I would have gained if I opened my mouth a little more throughout WIS… 😕

    To everyone here, Ladan’s right about the power of networking, make sure you really appreciate the possibilities of opening up!

    Ladan…please include in your special report on how you networked your way to where you are currently now, so everyone (and me) can learn effective techniques from someone successful like you!

    Thanks Ladan!
    Kai Wei

  3. Winson Says:

    Hi Ladan,
    Nice post and looking forward for your future post.
    Keep it up !


  4. Charles Says:

    Hi Ladan,

    When will the “One Day Networking special report” be ready?


  5. Ladan Lashkari Says:

    Hi Charles,

    Actually the report and everything has been ready for well over a week.

    I’m just busy with another project right now and I’m trying to find the time to focus on launching the One Day Networking special report.


  6. Joanna Says:

    Hi Ladan,

    I am really happy to hear that the report will be ready soon. I have been waiting for weeks and I am sure a few others have been as well.

    Love your work. 🙂

  7. Mark Says:

    Hi Ladan,

    Any update on the networking report?

    All the best with Mark Joyner’s coaching program 🙂


  8. Ladan Lashkari Says:

    Hi Mark,

    Actually the report has been all ready for a couple of weeks, but I’ve been busy with another project so I didn’t have time to launch it yet.

    You can sign up to the blog notification list here if you’d like to be notified as soon as the One Day Networking report becomes available.

    As for Mark Joyner’s coaching program, it’s been really great. Actually I just got off from our last coaching call on the 7th day today.

    Best wishes, 🙂

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