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Thank you for vising my blog again, even though it’s been a long time I haven’t posted any updates here.

"So where have you been, Ladan?"

You know how Twitter and Facebook have become so popular these days. Twitter is just like a blog where you can post your latest updates, but it is even faster and easier. You can also use Facebook to share your latest news, tips, and interesting resources in a more personal way.

That’s why for the last several months, I have been actively posting new Internet marketing related tips and resources and personal news mostly on Twitter and Facebook – not on this blog anymore.

So if you have enjoyed reading this blog so far, you can find more updates on my Twitter and Facebook pages here:

I update these two almost every day, so you can discover lots of cool tips and tricks about Internet marketing and personal development there.

It does NOT mean I won’t post anything new to this blog any longer. I will still keep updating this blog from time to time.

See you around! 🙂

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