How to Have 72 Hours Every Day: 3 Powerful Time Management Tips for You

Wed, Jun 20, 2007

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Have you ever told yourself, “I really wish I had more time in a day. 24 hours is really not enough!”

So how would you like to learn 3 powerful and yet easy to use techniques to give you 3 times more time every day? Can you imagine how your life will be easier and you can succeed and reach your goals faster?

Well, I’m writing this post just for you – yes, for you! – to share with you 3 of the most powerful time management techniques that I’ve discovered and gotten amazing results in my life…

۱٫ Have a Goal You’re Very Excited about

Actually “having a goal” doesn’t just help you become more productive. You CAN’T be productive without it.

It’s like someone tells you, “I don’t have a target but I want to walk toward it.”

Does it make any sense?

The same goes with productivity and using your time effectively. To measure how effective you use your time, you need to have a goal – a clearly defined goal.

But we are having a step further here…

We are talking about having a goal you’re passionate about… something that makes you excited whenever you think about it.

This type of goal give you an unbelievable energy and makes you want to make the most of your time to reach it faster. You just need to close your eyes and see yourself already as if already reached that goal… Just imagine it in clear deatails…

See it, hear it, feel it, touch it as it’s totally real…

Then it will make you so excited that all you WANT to be super-productive to succeed and reach your goal faster!

And this is very powerful. Because remember, effective productivity is NOT about “pushing” yourself to get more done. It won’t work – especially not in the long term.

It’s actually about wanting to make the most of your time, and having fun doing that.

OK, enough said. Let’s go to the next tip…

۲٫ Know the Value of Your Time

It’s narutal that unless we don’t know the value of something, we won’t take care of it that much.

Well, so how much is the value of your “time”? Would you like to know?

Your time is THE most valuable asset you have in your life.

Without it, you can’t do anything! Without time, you can’t learn anything, grow any business, enjoy your life, love anyone, or even live.

But with enough time, you can reach all your dreams and goals.

So now that time is THE most valuable asset we have in all the universe, how do most of us use it?

It’s amazing when I see how many people don’t really realize the huge value of their every day, every hour, and every minute. They just treat their most valuable asset like it’s worth… nothing.

But I congratulate you because knowing the value of your time is the first and most important step to treating your time as it’s really worth.

Simply remember your time is super-valuable and you’ll automatically use it more effectively.

۳٫ Use an Effective To-Do List Every Day

Not the usual boring “to-do” list that some people know and sometimes use. An effective to-do list in a more powerful concept that when you start using, you will be amazed how much it boosts you productivity and energy!

I first learned about this new and effective to-do list technique in the Simpleology 101 amazing program. Ever since then, I’ve been using it every single day – while at home or on the trip, fine or sick, free or exteremely busy.

Actually I have created a powerful “to-do list” tool specially for you. I’m going to post it here for you to download for free here soon. So keep an eye on the blog home page.

OK, there you have it! I’m looking forward to seeing how to boost your success speed by using these tips. 🙂

Wishing you much success!

P.S. Why not find out what other successful Internet marketing expert use as their most effective time management tips?

So let’s get the ball rolling! I tag Lynn Terry, Aurelius Tjin, and Dr. Mani.

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14 Comments For This Post

  1. Vido Says:

    Hey Ladan,

    I listened to a Bill Bartmann’s interview last week, where he suggested using the word “promise” instead of “goal”.

    We frequently set goals for ourselves that we won’t achieve because our brain looks for past behaviour when we say “My goal is to…” and finds out that we achieved our goals 60% of the time, for example.

    If we say “I promise to myself that…”, our brain sees that we lived up to our promises 99% of the time in our past.

    This little piece of information made me think!

    Thanks for the great article.

  2. Angela Says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I’ve recently started working from home full time and have had some issues making the most of my time. I seem to be procrastinating, wasting time or just not getting as much done as I planned to.

    I love the first two tips. I do have a goal every day but I never really think about WHY I’ve made it and what about it am I really excited about. I’m going to end each night thinking about what that is when I’m making my ‘to-do’ list for the following day and begin each day with that in mind so I can make sure I’m excited about that day!

    Also, realizing the value of your time is HUGE. I thought because I worked from home I’d have lots more time but it just doesn’t work that way. Thinking about time as something very valuable will no doubt help me make the most out of it.

    Thanks again, great advice!

    Angela Wills

  3. Mohamad Latiff Says:

    Great tips, Ladan!

    May I also suggest 3 more?

    ۱٫ Do away with the unnecessary.

    Perform an audit of your daily habits and tasks. Are there any time-sucking activities that do not serve the purpose of enhancing your life or the productivity of your career or business (e.g. watching TV, chatting over the water cooler in the office, instant messaging on the computer when you should be doing work or watching videos on YouTube when you should be writing articles, etc)? Or are there activities that you can severely cut down the amount of time that it takes (checking your multiple email accounts – GMail is a powerful organisational tool especially when it comes to reading email)?

    ۲٫ Prioritize your desires, goals, targets or ideas.

    I have created a simple paper tool that helps prioritize the barrage of ideas and tasks that we may get every day (actually the problem most people face with ideas is not the lack of them but the lack of knowing which amongst the idea onslaught that they get every day should they work on first and pay most attention to).

    It’s at:

    Prioritize according to Implementability and Relevancy. How immediately implementable is an idea or a task? How easy and fast can it be acted upon? How relevant is an idea to your current objectives or endeavours? How well does it serve the overriding purposes of your present mission or objectives?

    ۳٫ Read Stephen Covey’s First Things First.

    In his powerful, classic but timeless book, he also uses a quadrant map to prioritize things but not according to Implementability and Relevancy, but Importance and Urgency.

    Wikipedia has a brief of his book:

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  4. GJ Monfort Says:

    Hi Ladan,

    Think of the angel….and it appears.
    I was expecting some news from U and it appeared with a very useful message. I’ve gone thru’ a lot of Time Management books but still I need moooore time. I’ll try what U have suggested. Post that TO-Do-Tool asap.
    Thanks a lot
    GJ Monfort

  5. Alex Webley Says:

    Hi Ladan,

    Great post – thank you; and I also found your history in internet marketing both fascinating & inspiring (post on another site). Well done!

    When considering and acting upon the value of time, I find old (and recent) quotes helpful – good food for thought. An example:

    “Tomorrow’s life is too late. Live today.”
    – Marcus Valerius Martialis (40 AD – 103 AD), Epigrams

    Thinking about these types of quotes can reveal many insights.

  6. Ladan Lashkari Says:

    Hi Vido,

    I think promise and goal are different. For me, thinking about my goals gives me much more excitement than making a promise to myself. A promise makes me feel I’m pushing myself.

    But if for you a promise works better, then use that term. It’s what works for YOU that matters to you. 🙂

    Best wishes,

  7. Ladan Lashkari Says:

    Hi Angela,

    Thanks for your comment. I wish you the best of luck with making the best of your time!


  8. Ladan Lashkari Says:

    Hi Mohammad,

    Thanks for sharing those tips. You really added value to this post and I’m sure many other readers will find the tips helpful.

    I especially agree with your 2nd tip. Very important.


  9. Ladan Lashkari Says:

    Hi GJ,

    Glad to hear you’ve found the tips useful. I’ll post the To-Do tool pretty soon, but if you really want to learn how to make the most of your time, I highly recommend you check out the Simpleology 101 program.

    It’s a series of very helpful and fun videos that helps you set goals effectively and manage your time easily to achieve them.

    By the way, did I mention it’s free? 🙂

    Good luck!

  10. GJMonfort Fernandez Says:

    Thanx Laden
    I’ll take a look @ S101

  11. Mohamad Latiff Says:

    By the way, Ladan.

    Congratulations for being chosen by Mark Joyner for his new 7-day business coaching program!

    Heehee… You must be floating in the air right now.

  12. Amir Azadi Says:

    Hi Ladan

    Thanks for these great tips Ladan. I’m sick with the principle of “time management” , I read your article, However & enjoyed it. I agree with Mohammad’s tips too. His second tip can be related to your daily targets tool. Isn’t it?

    Mohammad, It is clear that your attitudes are derived from Stephen Covey’s book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” as we can find it in your last tip . But I think the most important part is remained , the first habit “pro activity” is the base and could be mentioned before the first tip? Do you agree?

  13. Ola Ojo Says:

    You are great Lash. Those tips are really great too. I equally enjoy those of Lynn and others; I’ve subscribed to Lynn’s newsletter and have enjoyed the few minutes I spent on that site. How mI wish I’m able to be connected to the net instead of relying on cyber cafes. I shall however endesvor to be connected very soon.

  14. Ladan Lashkari Says:

    Hi Ola,

    Who is “Lash” by the way? 😉


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