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Energy Secret #2: How to Have Peak Productivity All the Time!

پنج شنبه, خرداد ۹, ۱۳۸۷

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Have you tried to push yourself to do lots of work one after another and you felt your energy was getting less and less, and so was your enthusiasm for your work? Have you noticed how your motivation and excitement for work falls down after a few hours, comparing to when you first get to […]

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Energy Secret #1 – How to Have a Razor-Sharp Mind

یکشنبه, اردیبهشت ۱۵, ۱۳۸۷


(This is the first post on the series of energy boosting tips. Hope you enjoy it and it helps you get more energy in your business and life for higher success!) Here’s one of the most powerful secrets to having a razor-sharp mind that works amazingly… *Make Lists!* If I had to pick the secret […]

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