How to Get More Traffic with Squidoo

د, تیر ۱۸, ۱۳۸۶

Internet Marketing, Traffic Generation

My good friend and Internet marketing expert, Dr. Mani, has been recently testing a new powerful traffic generation method: Squidoo.

Yes, the popular website where people share their favorite websites, blog, videos, and so on.

After creating his own Squidoo lenses and trying some effective secrets in them, he has gotten good results and is already receiving some good traffic from Squidoo.

Being excited about that, he decided to help other Internet marketers learn how to use it too.

So has created a helpful guide called “Advanced Squidoo Secrets” sharing some insider secrets to using Squidoo to get a lot of targeted traffic.

Side Note: I haven’t tested these Squidoo techniques yet because I’ve been very busy with some other projects, and I always stay focused on the plan in hand.

Because distraction and trying to learn too many things and get too many things at the same time will make you end up doing nothing. 🙂

Anyway, even though I haven’t tried using Squidoo myself, but I’ve seen how some other respected marketers have done it and have gotten good results from it.

So it means: Squidoo traffic generation methods work!

You can check out Dr. Mani’s Advanced Squidoo Secrets here to find out how.

P.S. There’s a cute cartoon above the page that will grab your attention! 😉

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4 Comments For This Post

  1. al leong Says:

    hi ladan,

    What’s the difference btwn squidoo compared to other article directories?

  2. Ladan Lashkari Says:

    Hi Al,

    Actually Squidoo is not really an article directory.

    It’s a unique way of sharing your favorite websites and resources and findind helpful things in other people’s lists shared.

  3. al leong Says:

    hmm ladan,

    It seems like an article directory, maybe I should checked out further thanks 😛

  4. Hari Qumar Says:

    Hi Al,

    To reply to your question on “What’s the difference btwn squidoo compared to other article directories?”

    An article that you write is not restricted to your website alone or for that matter to only 1 article directory. It can be submitted to 100’s and 1000’s of other article directories for generating more traffic, more broader publicity.

    But, an article that you write for a social media website like squidoo reside on their site and might take a longer time to generate traffic, as compared to an article submitted in article directories.

    Hope, I am able to clear your above doubt to some extent.

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