I’ve Been Chosen as a “Space Monkey”

Sat, Jun 23, 2007

Internet Marketing

If you know about Mark Joyner’s big 7-day coaching program that everyone is talking about these days, you know what I mean. 🙂

You see, Mark Joyner (the well-known, highly respected Internet marketing expert) has recently announced an elite coaching program called “7-Day Business Turnaround“. Th coaching program was free however only 16 elite people could enter.

So out of the 963 people who submitted their application, 3 days ago Mark chose the 16 marketers to participate.

So guess what Mark has decided to call us…

“Space Monkeys” 🙂

Yep, and I have been chosen as one of them…

Today was the Day 3 of the coaching program and I’m already amazed about the powerful ideas and hints Mark provides.

You just need to be sharp and pay attention to the amazing tips and hints being discussed, and your business will never be the same again.

Actually I know I would happily pay $5,000 to be a part of this coaching program that is now free. No kidding.

I’m NOT one of those super-rich Internet marketers who make $50,000+ per month and $5,000 is nothing to them (Of course I will be someday soon, but I’m not yet).

Actually $5,000 would still be a lot of money for me, but I’d willingly pay it because I know how valuable the coaching opportunity with Mark Joyner really is.

So what if YOU could get a copy of this coaching program, the videos, and the rest of the coaching tools for free?

Well, here’s your chance now…

Mark is giving away this course to 10 people and you can be one of them. You simply need to post a comment here on his blog.

Right now that I’m looking there, 239 people have posted their comment. I don’t know when Mark may close the doors and pick the 10 lucky people, but if I were you, I wouldn’t want to risk and wait.

So simply post your comment here and you might be chosen as one of the lucky 10 people to receive this course for free.

Good luck!

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4 Comments For This Post

  1. Salwin K Says:


    It will be really amazing & highly useful to get a course from Mark Joyner . I know it needs to be highly dedicatd to listen and practice what he preaches.

    Iam ready and waiting for the challenge and firmly belive i will be one among the 10.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable input.


  2. Warren Brown Says:

    Hi Ladan,
    Congratulations on being chosen as one of the Seven “Space” Monkeys.The term used to describe Marketers as Monkeys is appropriate, as marketers need all types of tactics to market products to earn money.While good profit making ideas are like monkeys which move from tree to tree, and are lost if not caught.All the best.
    Warren Brown

  3. Michael D. Walker Says:

    Hello Ladan,

    I just wanted to say “Hi” and congratulate you on being selected to work with Mark Joyner on the 7 Day Business Turnaround program. You are going to do an incredible job. I can’t wait to see your results. I am trying to win a spot for the next set of 10 “space monkeys” in Mark’s program.

    It’s doubtful you would remember me but my name is Michael D. Walker and you were the first person to ever respond to me in an internet marketing forum. So, I’ve followed your success very closely because not only have you been very kind to me in the past and I find you to be breathtakingly beautiful but I also have learned a lot from watching your online efforts, which inspire me.

    Wishing you great success~


  4. Ladan Lashkari Says:

    Thanks Michael. I wish you the best of luck with getting into the next generation of Space Monkeys. 🙂


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