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Wed, May 30, 2007

Internet Marketing

You know how seminars are a fantastic place to network with other people and build relationships to then turn those relationships to highly profitable partnerships.

Because in this online business world, we can’t see each other face to face which makes seminars a very good opportunity to build deeper relationships.

But how can you take advantage of the BIG opportunities in seminars the BEST to network with people?

As you know, I’ve been to the World Internet Summit Singapore seminar in the past few days. So I’ve seen hundreds of aspiring Internet marketings trying to netwrok with more people.

What they usually do is go to that person, smile and say “hi”, and shake hands. Then they hand out their business card and give it to that person. Some people also ask to take pictures after a few minutes of meeting each other.

Does it seem like you?

If so, I admire what you do because…

  • You already know how important networking is so you’re trying to network effectively
  • You make the first move which is essential in real success
  • You have realized the importance of having a business card and have a bunch with you everywhere you go (most people in this business don’t)

So you’re already halfway there. But…

But you see, to really use the REAL power of netwroking, there are some other things to do that 95% of people don’t.

So this will really give you an unfair advantage on building strong relationships with the person you want to approach – whether he is a “guru” or an ordinary marketer.

So I decided to share with you some of the most important tips here because I don’t like seeing you miss out on the BIG opportunities…

Tip #1: Go with a GIVING Attitude

Opposite to what most people expect from going to seminars, it’s NOT about how much money you make from pitching your product to other people or fidning good partners to sell your products for you and make you money.

Actually successful networking is all about HELPING people first.

So instead of getting up today and going to the seminar with this mindset that how many poeple can I pitch into doing a JV with me, you should be thinking how you can HELP the most poeple to make THEM money.

“But Ladan, I want to make money. Will this approach make me more money?”

Of course!

When you help someone first, he will be much more willing to do business with you. Actually he would love to do that even if just to make YOU money. Because he likes you and respects you.

Tip #2: Show Genuine Interest in the Other Person and Encourage Him to Talk about Himself

“Networking is about THEM, not you.”

You want to remember that the next time you go to a seminar.

Why? Because it’s proven that the best way to build friendship is to focus on the OTHER person – not yourself.

Have you ever seen those selfish people who just keep talking about themselves? Their wants, their problems, their day, their plans, their accomplishments, and so on.

Have you seen how frustrating they are and how you feel they are rude and selfish and don’t want to be friends with them at all?

Now have you seen those polite people who listen intently to your talk and pay full attention to you? Have you seen how you really like to be with them more?

Well, the same goes with “gurus” at the seminars. After all, just like you and me, they are humans too.

So become genuinely interested in hearing about their life and encourage them to talk about themselves. Then listen to them with full attention.

And since hardly anyone does this, you can easily impress that person very much! 🙂

But one important key is that you DON’T try to “pretend” that you like listening to them while you’re just trying to trick them into liking you.

It WON’T work. They will feel it quickly and will lose all respect for you and you’ll ruin all your chances of building a relationship with them in the future.

Tip #3: Have Real Respect for the Other Person

I’ve seen many people try to become friends with a “guru” by sucking up to him or giving too much faked compliments abiut his product or speech.

Well, let me tell you that this is the worst mistake ever to make because it will lower your personality in his eye and will ruin all your chances of buisling a good relationship with him for years to come.

You know, these famous experts are humans too. They don’t like others trying to trick them and “use” them.

“If you don’t really feel eniugh respect for them to treat them as a respectful person, then you can’t ever be in a successful business relationship with them… EVER.”

So do these tips really work?

Well, this attitude has helped me in this seminar meet and build relationships with many highly respected experts (aka “gurus”).

Just ask anyone who met me at the seminar and they will tell you how “Ladan used to hang out with the big names most of the time“. 🙂

So if you too want to reach the similar results (or even better), you just learned how. Let’s see how you’ll take advantage of the above highly important tips and use them in the next seminar for maximum success and profits!

Ladan Lashkari

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5 Comments For This Post

  1. Melvin Ng Says:

    Awesome tips! I totally agree with what you said. My regrets is not having enough time to get to know more people on a more personal basis.

    the “hi” and “bye” is just too superficial.

    Anyway, was coming to your blog to see if you’ve any pics uploaded yet, which apparently you haven’t 😉

    Looking forward to your photos!

    Ciao for now.

    – Melvin Ng

  2. Pat Crosby Says:

    Great post, Ladan.

    I LOVE to network… and my professional networking career is built EXACTLY the way you say it works best.

    See my blog for ideas 🙂

    Pat Crosby

  3. Ladan Lashkari Says:

    Nice blog, Pat. It seems your most focus is on “network marketing”. As I’m sure you know, “networking” and “network marketing” are quite different in several aspects.

    But they’re both powerful and both show the power of networking. 🙂

    Wish you much success,

  4. Pat Crosby Says:

    Thank you, Ladan,

    Actually, we focus on networking and building ongoing relationships based on truth, respect and honoring people as individual persons.

    If the above qualities match up, THEN and ONLY THEN do we consider exploring the fit to explore developing a business connection.

    Network MARKETING is, in its purest form, simply a distribution method. And by extension, a global networking organization. And we like to have FUN in our relationship with those in our network.

    Our motto is: Only invite those into your network with whom you would like to take a 30 day cruise!

    You are too KEWL, Ladan! What do you like to drink?


  5. Iantrepreneur Says:

    networking is a great thing, especially creating a bond and relatioship – I have a good list that I keep in touch with and talk to all the time online, but sometimes you need to contribute and get a big return later on

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