Energy Secret #2: How to Have Peak Productivity All the Time!

Have you tried to push yourself to do lots of work one after another and you felt your energy was getting less and less, and so was your enthusiasm for your work?

Have you noticed how your motivation and excitement for work falls down after a few hours, comparing to when you first get to your computer?

Well, it is because of this reason…

We are sometimes unfair to ourselves!

Yes, that’s right. We push ourselves and push ourselves to "get more things done", without giving our mind any reward for it.

It is like when you were a kid, your parents kept pushing you to study and get great scores at school, and when you did your very best and after sleepless nights accomplished that, they just say to you…

"OK, good. So now start right away for your next exam… Also don’t forget to get great scores for it too. Also there is your other exam after that. No, no, no time for rest or playing. Get right back to study!"

Hmmm, how would you feel then?

Honestly wouldn’t you get upset and lose your motivation to keep studying and getting good grades?

Now what if your parents took the total opposite approach and told you…

"Hey wow! That was great! You are so clever. Thanks for studying so hard. So as a reward, we are taking you to a cinema to see your favorite show. Then we’ll also get you that brand new video game that you were so excited about!"

"Oh and by the way, if you get good grades next time, we’re going to give you more fun surprises! :)"

Now this time, how more motivated would you get for studying more next time? 🙂

You see how it makes wonders by simply giving yourself a reward after working hard?

So why not apply the same techniques in our business too?

I’ve been personally trying this technique for a few months and the results have been more than amazing.

I simply follow this formula…

۳ Hours Work, 1 Hour Fun!

So for every 3 hours I work hard, I then have at least 1 hour or more fun time – like listening to my favorite music, resting on my bed and reading my favorite book, singing, playing around, dancing, going for a fun walk outside, watching a fun movie, and so much more activities. 🙂

… And I keep remembering that this is *because* of my great, productive work in the past 3 hours.

The idea here is to give some fun reward regularly to yourself so you recharge your batteries and get back to work with double energy.

I’ve seen some people trying to force themselves to work loooong hours in front on the computer, thinking they are actually being "productive ".

But the truth is after a few hours their mind gets tired and keeps for sneaky "excuses" to get distracted – like opening a chat window with a friend, getting casual thoughts, getting up to get something to eat, or simply working half slower.

But if they had actually spent 1 hour having fun totally away from work and their computer, they would come back with fully charged batteries and be razor-sharp productive. 🙂

Why not try it for yourself and see the results? You don’t have anything to lose and a great productivity secret to gain! 😉

Best of luck!


P.S. When you try this for yourself, let us know how the results were here in the Comments section. I’d love to hear about YOUR experience about this! 🙂

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  1. Paul Simister Says:

    Ladan I completely agree with you that it is essential to reward yourself for good worth and having breaks recharges the mind so well that you can often get far more done with breaks than trying to work through solid.

    In fact I often think you need to go further and deliberately schedule in rest and reward time so that you have a deadline to complete your activity by and you know that you need to “earn your reward”.

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