One Day Networking Is Coming Soon!

Wed, Jun 6, 2007

Internet Marketing

You know how many Internet marketers want to network with other successful marketers to exchange insider tips and tricks, and also do highly profitable joint ventures with them.

You can especially see this in seminars – like the World Internet Summit seminar that I attended several days ago.

But there’s a challenge for everyone and that is HOW to network successfully.

I mean how to approach the other person (especially if he is a famous “guru”), or how to build a relationship with them that leads to highly profitable partnerships and JVs.

During the World Internet Summit, I really saw how people did their best but didn’t really get much when it came to results from their networking.

So when I came back, I started writing a special report that contains a step-by-step formula to get the maximum success from the networking opportunities that you get in seminars and live events.

So stay tuned because in the next few days the One Day Networking report will go live and you can get your copy too. 🙂

To your networking success!

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3 Comments For This Post

  1. Tian Yan Says:

    This is a good idea, Ladan.
    Too many people paid too much money for seminars like these and don’t fully use the opportunities to build relationships, much less get it right.

    I know for a fact that it is a challenge especially for people who feel inferior to individuals of higher perceived social standing . And it can really have an effect on their sense of worth when they get rejected.

    Looking forward to devouring the information in your report and more importantly, putting it into practice.

    Take Care.

  2. Thien Kai Wei Says:

    Hi Ladan!

    (again! after posting a comment at one of your previous post.)

    What a coincidence! I was writing about networking with people at the seminars we attend to. Only that mine was about how I realised the importance of networking after WIS(from a NOOB’s point of view) while you are giving expert opinion on networking with people.

    Again it’s amazing how much you have learned and accomplished so much at your age, AND in the ENVIRONMENT AND SOCIETY you are in.

    Thanks for the great write up on networking from your previous post (learned some great networking tips from you), and I’m eagerly waiting for your report on networking to be out!

    Kai Wei

  3. Rajesh Shakya Says:

    Good post! Visit my blog posts about professional networking and business communications:

    Look forward to read your posts in future as well.

    Rajesh Shakya
    Helping Technopreneurs to excel and Lead their life!

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