List Profit Club Comes Back… Stronger and More Powerful!

Wed, Jul 25, 2007

Email Marketing, Internet Marketing

Do you know what is the #1 asset in your online business?

It’s NOT your products.

It’s NOT your websites.

It’s NOT your traffic.

It’s your LIST.

Not building an opt-in list or having a small, untargeted list means your business can never reach a big, highly profitable level.

But building a large, laser targeted and highly responsive list will help your business and profits grow with super speed and reach amazing success.

That’s why when you ask every Internet marketing guru, he will tell you that your list is the #1 asset in your entire business.

Knowing the importance of building lists and knowing how to make maximum profits from them, and seeing how few people were really using the powerful techniques and secrets of list building, a few months ago I decided to start a new membership site called “List Profit Club”.

But it was just the beginning… 

Soon it got tens of new members – all excited about discovering these insider secrets and strategies.

Now List Profit Club has been relaunched today – this time stronger and with tons of amazing content (interviews with top list building experts, videos, contests, etc.) and more powerful sections (an elite member-only forum, a member-only social networking site, built-in JV arrangement system, and so on).

There are lots of other gifts and information that you’re going to receive as a member, but I keep them as a surprise. 🙂

So if you’re interested in growing your business profits by building your own large, targeted list quickly, then you can sign up to List Profit Club now and get access to everything inside!

To your list building success!

Ladan Lashkari

P.S. Did I mention there’s a limited time $1 risk-free 7-day trial available now? So you can create an account right now and get access to the member’s area for a buck.

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Najmi Yusoff Says:

    Hi Ladan,

    I’m not sure if you still remember me, we met at World Internet Summit seminars back at May. Still have a few of those pictures we took together. Let me know if you want ’em. 😉

    Anyway, to stay on topic, I agree wholeheartedly that your list should be your #1 priority. I know it’s hard to believe, but I had been doing online business for the last 2 years without even a list, and all I can say is while it was profitable, I left a lot of money on the table. It was until recently when I subscribed to aweber autoresponder, and I’ve been gradually building up my list. Doing good so far.. 🙂

    Keep updating your blog, I always check it out when I have the time. Until next time, take care and all the best.

    Najmi Yusoff
    Internet Marketer – Traffic Broker – Graphic Designer

  2. Rian Says:

    Hi Ladan,

    The jury is in on this one, yes it is your list. But as I’ve recently learned, more than just having a list as your #1 IM asset, it’s the relationship you have with that list that is the real kicker.

    A list of 10,000 people means nothing if they do not know and trust you. Sure you might make a bit from it, but the real power is when you’re list consists of an army of hungry buyers that flock to everything your recommend.

    I think building trust and rapport is key to really taking it big time. Just watch guys like Mike Filsaime and see the magic work!

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