The Importance of Building Your Email List

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Email Marketing

Building an email list should be considered THE most important part of your marketing strategy. In most cases, capturing visitors email addresses is THE most important goal – even more important than making the sale.

Quite surprising, isn’t it? Here’s why it is so important…

You see, statistics show that the average potential customer needs to get exposure to a product 7 times before deciding to buy that product.

Seven times.

But when your potential customers come to your website and you only get ONE chance to sell to them, and if they are not convinced this one time, you will lose them forever.

So how are you going to give them 7 exposures when most of your website visitors will come to your site only once?

That’s when building your email list and publishing newsletter comes as the best solution. Here’s how…

One of the best ways to build a list and establish a strong relationship with your subscribers, is to publish your own newsletter. Your newsletter will give you the opportunity to get in touch with your subscribers in an on-going basis, so you can build a good relationship with them.

Also since you publish helpful articles in your newsletter, your subscribers will see you are a REAL expert and so you will gain their trust. After that, they will buy many of your products and also the affiliate products that you recommend.

When you want to start your newsletter, you should create a professional layout for it because your newsletter layout can make or break your reputation and professional image.

You might like to check out these helpful newsletter layout tips to see how you can create a great-looking layout for your newsletter.

Anyway, so because of the need to give an average of 7 exposures to your products to your prospects, it’s completely essential that you put a lot of focus on getting the most number of your visitors to subscribe to your list.

So let’s look at it this way:

If you don’t capture your visitors’ names and email addresses on your website, you will lose them FOREVER.

That’s why there’s a famous sentence in the Internet marketing world that all the experts always say:

“The money is in the LIST.”

If you are already building your list by putting a signup form on your website to capture your visitor’s email addresses is very good and shows that you are aware that building a list is important.

But knowing that building your list, building relationship and trust with your subscribers, and monetizing your list effectively are the most important part of your business, that will make a big difference on the overall way you focus your time and energy.

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  1. The Anti-Christ(anti=not) Says:

    Hello Ladan
    ۸۰% of all sales are made after the 5th call.
    ۸۰% of all salesmen quit after the 1st call.
    Another 10% of all salesmen quit after the 2nd call.
    Another 5% of all salesmen quit after the 3rd call.
    Another 3% of all salesmen quit after the 4th call.
    ۲% of all salesmen continue to call & call & call.
    That is why 2% of the sales force is the highest paid and takes home 80% of the money.

    Peace and Love

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