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چ, خرداد ۹, ۱۳۸۶

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How would you like to learn how to get 200% more subscribers from the exact same amount of traffic that you’re receiving right now?

Well, then you don’t want to miss the powerful tips that Armand Morin shared with us privately outside the World Internet Summit seminar hall a few days ago.

If you don’t know Armand (where have you been all these years?! ;)), he is one of the best marketing experts who has created many top-selling products.

Anyway, so I decided to share these tips with you to help you get more results from your current traffic. Here you go…

Tip #1: Use Audio/Video on Your Sign Up Page

When you use audio or video your page changes from the usual boring text style to a more interactive and interesting style that grabs people attention and increases your sign up rate.

Tip #2: Use a Red Box Around Your Sign Up Button

It’s a smart way to grab attention to the most important part of your sign up form, because after all, your signup button is the door to get them to your list. So since red always attracts attention, it’s a very effective technique.

Tip #3: Use a Larger Font for Your Signup Button

Again another way to grab more attention and response to your signup form.

Tip #4: No Graphic Buttons

Armand said frankly that he thinks graphic buttons are “ridiculious”. It’s because people have always been used to normal buttons and these new “creative” ones just confuse them.

Tip #5: Learn from How Experts Are Doing It

This one last tip I’m adding myself because it’s like the key to learning tens of other powerful tips and tricks for a more effective opt-in strategy…

Simply see how other successful online marketers are doing it and learn from them!

Yes, there are many skilled Internet marketers out there who have opt-in forms on their websites. They already know what works and what doesn’t. They know the most powerful tips and are using it right now on their opt-in pages.

So you just need to study them carefully to discover these techniques.

Can you see how powerful it is?

Wish you much success with your list building strategy!

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  1. Ade Lamidi Says:

    Thanks for sharing those tips Ladan. I actually listened in to the World Internet Seminars over the internet and I really liked Armand’s presentation.

    My favourite 3 tips he unveiled are:-

    ۱)How to create an ebook in less than a day using
    ۲)Building an opt in list using a free report and
    ۳)Using site targeted advertising.

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