I Just Did John Reese a “Favor”

چ, آذر ۲۱, ۱۳۸۶

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I just did John Reese a favor, and I feel great about it!

If you’ve been a member of John Reese’s monthly newsletter – The Reese Report – you may have quite recently received an email from him recently, starting like this…

“I need a favor from you… (please!)”

Now how can you resist opening an email from John Reese asking you for a favor – in this way? 😉

In the email, he asked you to send your comments or success story as a member about how this newsletter has helped you in some way.

Well, being a happy member of this amazing newsletter, I decided to send my own success story to him to help other people see how valuable and helpful this newsletter is, so more people can benefit from it.

Not to mention as a way of saying “Thanks” to John for putting the energy on creating this fantastic newsletter month after month, and taking care of his members so much.

So I spent some time writing an honest, raving testimonial for him and emailed him back.

Then I decided to post it here for you too, so you can find out some of the amazing things happening inside the Reese Report “club”…


I wanted to thank you for all the powerful tips you share in your
super-informative Reese Report every month.

I asked you a question about outsourcing some time ago and you
included a detailed, very helpful answer in the next Reese Report
issue which answered my question perfectly.

So after months of dancing around the idea of outsourcing (because of
that question), by following your tips I could finally find the right
assistants and build a team of talented professionals.

Now I have 5 fantastic virtual assistants who I work with and my
business is much more easier to organize and faster to grow!

I am a member of dozens of other Internet marketing membership sites
and can clearly see Reese Report stays above so many other sites,
because it is *truly* interactive, so our voices as members are really
heard and acted upon.

You ask us what questions we have, and give us what we really want to
learn, not what you “think” we need like in most other membership

Also the reward programs are really cool and encourage members to
participate more. Did I mention what a nice surprise it was when I won
$۱۰۰ last month?

Overall, I really enjoy being a member of Reese Report and have
recommended it to my own subscribers several times.

Thanks again John and keep up the great work!”

And this was just a small testimonial, comparing to what I could say if I wanted to go on. 🙂

So are YOU a subscriber to The Reese Report newsletter?

Because if you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend you take a look now. Simply grab your FREE issue here now to check out the quality of the information here for yourself!

To your online business success,


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