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Thu, Mar 8, 2007

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Today I read the new post on Sylvie Fortin’s blog. She is one of the strongest, most cheerful and positive women I have ever had the pleasure to know in my life.

I first got to know her from Michel Fortin’s blog, because I was a subscriber. Michel is one of the biggest copywriting experts in the Internet marketing world and I always learn a lot from his blog posts.

But even more than that, he is a truly fantastic and respectful man as a person. I got to know him more on a personal level in the past year through Sylive’s blog.

Sylvie has gone through a lot of ups and downs through her journey of breast cancer.

But the amazing thing is that she always kept her positive attitude – even through the most difficult times when most people would just lose it.

So if you’re looking for some inspiration about life (who doesn’t?), I highly recommend some of the posts on her blog.

This is a part of the comment I left on her blog today…

You see Sylvie, many people live their life in total health and seems to have everything, but they are never as positive and cheerful as you are. They always complain why life hasn’t given more to them.

But you are different. You are unique.

And I agree with Michel that you are beautiful and were – even if the chemo days.

Because Sylvie, beauty comes from inside.

Your husband sees it. Your brother and children see it. And we all see it.

So the next time you look in the mirror, you can see it too.

Best wishes,

I’ve learned 2 lessons from Sylvie and her situation during the past year:

۱٫ You can always stay positive and happy in your life – no matter what big obstacles may come.

۲٫ Having a supportive family and friends around you can be the most valuable gift during difficult times.

So to you reading this post today, I wish you a life full of happy moments and supportive friends! 🙂


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6 Comments For This Post

  1. Martin Says:

    Hello Ladan!

    I found your blog via a man called Eric who emails me his internet marketing tips and I would just like to say a big “GOOD FOR YOU”

    It looks like you have done SO well in your journey to make an online living through Internet marketing.

    I wish you well for the future, I am just starting out trying to learn internet marketing myself so I may have a lot to learn from you! (If I can ever be of any help though, please let me know)

    Greetings from wet old England!

    Kind Regards

    Martin & Family

  2. Romico Says:

    You post very nice words for Sylvie there Ladan. I’m totally agree with the 2 lesson you’ve learn. It’s a lesson that everybody should be aware of. It’ true that once you have the positive attitude and stay happy, you can literally change and make things the way you want. Good things will come to you, and you will see it that way even you have difficulties and obstack\les in life.


  3. Ladan Lashkari Says:

    Hi Martin,

    Thank you very much for your kind wishes. I wish you all the best in your Internet business.

    Greetings from sunny old Tehran!


  4. Christopher Says:

    G`day Ladan,
    your post moved me a heck of alot but was spoiled tremendously by “The Anti-Christ (Anti=Not)” How wonderful not to believe in cancer, my brother passed away last September from it and I will tell you now…IT IS REAL! To see him laying there already dead yet still alive is something I don`t want to have to see again ever (i`m crying as I type) Only 56 to so a life cut very short. I`m 40 in a few weeks time and the last time I saw my brother alive was when I was three. I thought I must`ve been older as I didn`t think we remembered things so early on in life but my Mum told me it was 1970 the last time he was at the “family home”. I treasure that small memory dearly because we don`t have close knit family, that is all I want in life, to be a part of a loving family but that has not been bestowed upon me unfortunately. At times I just don`t want to wake up of a morning but I will never do anything stupid, life is to much fun even when bad times are there. I`ve had numerous setbacks in my life but like you Ladan, I deal with it and find solutions instead of whinging about it or giving up. Alot….no…MOST people would give up with half of what you`ve had to endure Ladan and same with what i`ve had to go through, most people would`ve given up. Not me!! You`ve earned my respect Ladan and I hope one day your able to come and live here in Australia, you`ve got one lifetime friend here…thats for sure.

    Respect & Brotherly Love Always…

    Christopher {TySecure}

    P.S. All the best to Sylvie, may your light shine bright from within always.Never Give In!

  5. Ladan Lashkari Says:

    Hi Christopher,

    I’m sorry to hear about your brother.

    I understand how you feel because my grandmother is suffering from Cancer right now. She has been in bed not being able to walk, eat, or even talk for several months.

    I thank you for your kind wishes, and deeply wish you a happy and successful life!


  6. Christopher Says:

    Hi Ladan

    my thoughts are with your Grandmother, remember her always in the good times she has had and the wonderful person she no doubt is.

    I don`t know why but I just checked my email and a smile crossed my heart to see your email, I have the radio on and as I went to open your email, a song came on that means alot to not just me but alot of people i`m sure. A few words of the song….

    “When I find myself in times of trouble
    Mother Mary comes to me….
    Speaking words of wisdom
    Let It Be”

    It`s hard to explain but I feel some connection with you and your story of the struggle you`ve had to undure to get where you are today, has only made me stronger in my own self belief.

    I`ve found myself in “times of trouble” for awhile now, it`s like your my “Mother Mary” so to speak, and your “words of wisdom” have inspired me greatly just in the few words i`ve had the fortune to see.

    “Let It Be”??

    I guess i`ll just let it be for now and wait patiently for more of your inspirational words of wisdom.

    Respect & Brotherly Love Always
    Christopher {TySecure}

    P.S. I play Let It Be on my guitar.

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