Here’s How YOU Go from Zero to Hero Today!

د, دی ۱۷, ۱۳۸۶

Internet Marketing

Are you interested in finding out new, easy to implement ideas to increase your profits online… and grow your business?

I mean those techniques that don’t require much time or budget and will bring you FAST results…

Because if you appreciate finding out techniques like this, then
something interesting is coming today for you. 🙂

Two of my good friends, Edmund Loh and Vince Tan, are making
available a very interesting and helpful guide to the public
today that I thought to share with you about it.

You know how many people always claim to show you an “easy” way to
build you own successful online business, but the question is…

How many of them have actually “walked the talk”?

Very few – I’m sure you agree with me.

Many of them have had years of past experience in marketing, have
been great at technical computer stuff, or had a big budget to start
their business with.

So how can they really show *average* people how to do it on a small
budget and no previous skills?!

But the amazing thing about these two guys, Edmund and Vince, is that
they have really done it personally.

They have really come from “zero to hero”… and now they’ve
decided to help other honest, hard working online marketers to do
the same thing.

You see, I personally know Edmund as a very good
friend, and know his interesting background. (We live in the same
city and hang out often.)

It may not be appropriate to go into much details about his private
life here, but it’s important to know where he first started from,
because as you know, it is not where you are *right now* that matters
– but the *journey* you took to get here that counts.

(Actually today he and I were talking about how thankful we are
that we were NOT born in rich families, or we would never get to
where we are now. 🙂

And for Edmund, while everyone else usually starts from ground
zero, he started from ground -10… and then amazingly pulled
himself up the success ladder.

… And now today, you may know “Edmund Loh” as an Internet
marketing celebrity. 🙂

The same goes for Vince. He started about only 12 months ago… and has already achieved amazing success that most people can’t in 4 years.

That’s why after first hearing about their idea of helping *ordinary*
people succeed in this business – no matter what their background is
or how much budget or past experience they have…

I knew immediately they were the perfect mentors for it!

So honestly speaking, I’m sending you this message to
invite you to check out this interesting “thing” that is coming up
today – on January 7.

It’s called “IM Guerilla“.

It may change the way you do business online… *forever*. Really.

You can get a sneak preview of it here.

Edmund and Vince are here to help YOU turn your business into an
automated, hands-free profitable empire

They are going to help you go from “zero to hero” – as they call it.

So are you going to let them help you? 🙂

To your ever-growing online business success…

Ladan Lashkari

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  1. Ella Says:

    Hi Ladan, I came across this site by accident, in search of new insights…
    What an amazing background you have!
    Respect, I wish you all the best.

    Kind regards from Germany


  2. susukacang Says:

    Hi Ladan, I hope you don’t mind me using a pseudonym for my name. Susu kacang is soya bean in Malay and is one of the drinks I enjoyed. Well, just like to say I feel encouraged just by reading your inspiring story (in Ewen’s site). Take care and best wishes to you.

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