I Got in Fast… Did YOU?

ج, شهریور ۳۰, ۱۳۸۶

Internet Marketing

I secured my place soon after it came out. Did you?

I am talking about Mark Joyner’s highly sought after “Word of Mouth

Mark has announced he will close the doors to this program once and
forever on Sunday, 11:59 PM Pacific Time sharp (in 2 days).

Actually as we speak right now, the limited spots are being filled
out very quickly, but I am NOT worried…

Because I have secured my spot already. 🙂

You see, when the program was launched two days ago, I secured my spot
quickly, because I wanted to make sure when the “getting locked out”
thing happens again, I won’t be one of them.

(Remember about the 73,487 people who were locked out of his free
a few days ago?)

So you may be wondering… *Why* is this program so special and
sought after?

Good question.

Why have so many people from all around the world joined “Word of
Mouth Transformation” (including some from Turkey, Iran, China, and

The answer is here.

Knowing Mark personally as a valued friend for some time now, I
can’t agree more on this.

His Simpleology 101, 102, and 103 courses have had such an amazing
impact on my business and life that will last forever.

Not only his courses are great, but also his personality is very powerful and makes you motivated to think BIG and succeed even bigger.

So I am resting assured here because I have secured my place
in this program (and am very excited to start it on Monday, the 24th)…

But the question is…

Have YOU? 🙂

To your big success,


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3 Comments For This Post

  1. Indra W Says:

    I did Ladan.I did. Off course not as fast as you did 🙂

    I would like to thank you for the info and the link :mrgreen:

    Would be very happy if you drop an email and congratulate me 🙂

    To our success,


  2. Indra W Says:

    Ooops…forgot to tell you my WOMT user id so we can get to know each other inside the WOMT. It’s in the email I use to submit this comment.

    Looking forward to seeing you inside.

  3. Ladan Lashkari Says:

    Hi Indra,

    Congratulations! 🙂

    Good to see you are a WOMTer too. It’s 24th today and the course has already been started which is great.

    Will see you around.


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