Power of Saying a Simple “Happy Birthday”

Thu, Mar 15, 2007

Fun Corner

Last night I called up my uncle and we talked for about half an hour. It was his birthday and I just wanted to give him a call to wish him a wonderful birthday and a great year ahead.

He got very happy and surprised, because he said I was the first one among the relatives to remember his birthday.

I have this habit that I decided to start 3 years ago: I have a special calendar on my computer that the birthday dates of special people in my life are marked on it.

Every single year, I call these people on their birthday to say “Happy birthday”. I have promised myself to do this every single year for each of them without fail.

This “Birthday VIP” list used to contain only 3 names when I started it, but today you can see 31 names on it. It includes my close friends, special business partners, some of my aunts and uncles, and of course my family members.

So why do I do this? What’s the use of it?

Good question…

You know, I realized the most important day in the entire year for every person is his/her birthday (99% of the time).

So by simply remembering this date and dropping by to say a simple “happy birthday”, it will really show them you care about them very much.

It really can work wonders with your relationship with that person.

You know why? It’s like you’re telling them, “I like you and I am very happy that this world has been gifted with such a wonderful person like you several years ago.”

So if you like, you can try this with someone you care about and see for yourself the great effect in will have on your relationship. πŸ™‚

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4 Comments For This Post

  1. Mohamad Latiff Says:

    Salaam, Ladan!

    This post has given me an idea for something I can do to improve my relationship with my email list – I think you can intuitively figure it out! πŸ™‚

    Anyway, I read about your story. It made me angry, sad, hopeful and excited all at the same time.

    I am a Muslim following the Ahlul Bayt Shi’ah belief but I come from Singapore. My religious upbringing is a long story on its own but that’s not what I intend to share with you about here.

    I’ve been to where you came from before – Iran – in 2003, I visited Isfahan, Qum, Mashhad and Tehran, to visit Imam Reza.

    Similarly, I too have been involved with the internet marketing world since I was 18 (okay, a little later than you – 16!), but I haven’t had as much success as you – I’ve had my moments where I got so many sales I felt like flying and others when I just wasted so much money on an ineffective ad campaign and felt like a bankrupt.

    But your story really put things in perspective for me.

    However, I feel sad that the situation, circumstances, etc, in Iran, should be a barrier to everyone else who aspires for what you are achieving yet may not have the same level of determination as you do.

    In Singapore, specifically in the Shi’ah Muslim community I was brought up in, nothing is supposed to prevent us from achieving material success in this world – not even the fact that you are a woman.

    I guess our national and cultural situations differ so much.

    I gather you’re in Canada now?

    By the way, I’ve blogged about you. Just drop by my site which is linked to my name on this comment. Erm… don’t be shocked by the title, I meant that in a strictly platonic and professional way. πŸ™‚

  2. Ladan Lashkari Says:

    Hi Mohamad,

    Thank you for the article on your blog.

    As for your question, no I’m not in Canada. I’m still in Iran. My office is located in Canada.

    By the way, it’s nice to hear you have been to Iran before.


  3. Ramon Thomas Says:

    Hey Ladan

    This is a great tip. And I’ve tried my best to do this as well. To actually call people on their birthdays. So many people these days just send SMS from their cellphone. And on big holidays like New Year’s etc – its all very generic messages. I try my best to personalise my emails or SMSes.

    And last year I posted 100 xmas cards. So many people wrote to me (on email) thanking me because they thought the “tradition” was dead. I want to send birthday cards as well but not there yet – so calling is the next best thing.

  4. Carole Says:

    Hi Ladan,

    You are so right. People are amazed when you remember their birthday. In my “Getting Organized” mini course, I even devote a section to remembering birthdays!

    You go girl. We’re all rooting for you.


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