How to Have a Great Time at the Dentist’s

Mon, Jul 23, 2007

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You know how going to the dentist and having something done on your teeth is one of the worst things for many people. Some people even would give anything to escape from going there.

Well, a few hours ago, I was there and my doctor was doing a small surgery on my tooth.

But the point of this post – as it says in the title – is NOT about how terrible my experience was at the dentist’s… but how much fun I had!

Come on Ladan! No one can have “fun” at the dentist’s while the “nice” doctor is pushing and pulling all those tools inside your mouth!

I know, I know, it may sound weird, but let me explain how it happened… 🙂

I was sitting there and my dentist was doing that surgery on my tooth. At first I was paying attention to what he was doing and I admit it wasn’t very pleasant. But then I got an idea to turn it all around…

I told myself, “You see Ladan, you have no choice but to be here for the next 30 minutes. So why not make the most of my time while I’m here?

Since I had to sit straight in that attitude, I clearly couldn’t read any book or work with my laptop computer or even listen to some music with my iPod. So what could I do?

Then I got the idea…

All I needed was inside my mind: The power of imagination!

So I started doing the ONE thing that didn’t need any movement, but could be the most fun and exciting thing to do…

As the dentist was working, I imagined some of the fun memories of the day. Then I visualized I’m sitting in a car and it’s going through the beautiful streets of the city at night, and I’m watching the lights of the stores and houses and people walking…

Sometimes I was brought back to the real time by a suddent thing the dentist did, but soon I’d go back to my fun world of imagination…

Then I imagined running in big green field and laughing and having a great time…

It all went on for about 30 minutes until my surgery was done. And I admit it was the one of the most fun things I did today!

Some people may say it’s silly to do these things and not be “realistic”. But here’s my philosophy: Sometimes in your life you can choose to focus on a painful so-called “reality” in your life (like being at the dentist’s right now)… or you can choose to imagine what you like and make it your reality (like all those fun imaginations).

So what would YOU choose…?

The choice that makes you feel pain for 30 minutes while you can’t do anything about it…

Or having a great time by traveling to anywhere you like and experiencing anything you wish in your mind without any borders?

The choice is yours.

Have a great day full of fun imaginations!


P.S. Actually right now that I’m writing these words for you, I have this pain in my tooth because of the surgery, but it doesn’t keep me from having a great time and writing this post for you. 😉

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3 Comments For This Post

  1. Thien Kai Wei Says:

    Hi Ladan!

    LOL nice interesting post! You must have great imaginative powers for you to ignore the pain (if any).

    I myself will be extracting teeth to put on my braces next week…HATE the pain.

    Maybe I use imaginative powers on that day too. Hope I can get have fun! 😐

  2. Ladan Lashkari Says:

    Hi Kai,

    Yes, I’m quite good at imaginations, but it’s a skill I’ve gained just by practice. When I imagine something – which I do quite often especially for visualizing my goals – it feels totally like real.

    Sometimes when I open my eyes I get surprised why I’m here and not in the place I was imagining. Really. 🙂

    I think everyone can “exercise” their mind this way and get the benefits of it for setting goals, law of attraction, simply FUN, and many other benefits.

    P.S. Hope you try it and have fun in your dentist experience! 🙂

  3. Michael D. Walker Says:

    Hi Ladan,

    Glad to see you have such a great outlook on visits to the dentist.

    I used to hate going to the dentist until I found a great dentist who used humor and a great personality to get me focused on everything else but the dental work he was doing.

    After my first visit to him (and seeing how different an experience it was compared to other dentists) I actually looked forward to going back!

    It really is possible to alter your day by shifting your perspective and what you are focued on.

    Thanks for posting your experience and sharing your method for dealing with the dentist.

    Best regards,


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