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Fri, Jun 22, 2007

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Remember I promised to share with you an easy to use To-Do List tool that I have personally created and use every day myself?

This tool is called “Daily Targets” and is based on a technique shared in the Simpleology 101 program. Since I started using it every day over 9 months ago, it has had a tremendous effect on boosting my productivity and success speed.

I first created it for my personal use but I decided to share it with you to help you manage your daily tasks and time more easily…

Click here to download your free To-Do List tool
to boost your productivity and manage your time more easily and effectively.

This is a Microsoft Excel file compressed in Zip format.

Here are some important notes about this tool… 

NOTE #1: Even though this concept of using an effective to-do list may seem too simple or even unnecessary to you, but it’s been proven that it’s very helpful and effective to organize your tasks and finish them more quickly and easily.

So don’t underestimate the power of it.

NOTE #2: Actually it’s a part of a bigger tool that contains several other parts…

  • Morning Brain Dump
  • Delegation Station
  • Dream Catcher
  • Time Log
  • Daily Schedule

If you are a member of the Simpleology 101 program, three of the above terms are totally familiar for you. You might be even doing them every day. 🙂

But the other 2 parts are something I’ve added to this Tool myself based on my personal experience in time management and productivity increasing techniques.

You are going to receive the other easy to use parts of this tool one by one in the next few days.

But why one by one and not all together?

Because each of these tools are very powerful and you will get the best results from them when you start using them one by one. Try to use them all together in one day and you’ll just end up overwhelming yourself and getting nothing done.

So I’m sharing them here for you to easily download one by one here every few day. So keep an eye on the blog home page for the next available tool.

To your ultimate success!

P.S. To get the most results from this tool, you can sign up for the Simpleology 101 program (it’s free). You will also learn many other helpful tips in the fun and informative videos there.

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5 Comments For This Post

  1. Brian Says:

    Hello Laden,

    Many thanks for the To-Do List tool, your Blog and Emails – a breath of fresh air!

    Thanks again

    P.S. The Bar appears to be closed at the moment.

  2. Ladan Lashkari Says:

    Hi Brian,

    Oops! You’re right. I solved the issue and re-opened the bar. 🙂


  3. Tarek Says:

    hi Ladan

    I like you very much and i hope you consider me your friend

    i am Tarek 30 years old from Egypt


  4. Warren Brown Says:

    Hello Ladan,
    It was good reading your post.However, I will not be downloading the “To-Do List”, as I still prefer to keep my list in my head, as I use my computer only in the evenings, so the list will not be available for me at the beginning of the day.Thanks for this great program.I will be in touch.You are definitely getting a lot of admirers on the web 😉 😆 😛 .Are you the second lady internet marketer after Liz Tomey?Keep up the great work.
    Warren 😎

  5. GJMonfort Says:

    Thanx a lot Laden

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