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Fri, Oct 12, 2007

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Remember you recently discovered about HighRise – the helpful contact management tool to save you a lot of time?

Well, as I promised you, here’s another helpful tool to help make your life easier…

But let me ask you a question first…

Have you ever used a To-Do list?

Yes, I’m talking about those simple yet extremely helpful lists that you write to organize your thoughts and tasks.

If you’re a fan of to-do lists – just like I am – you’ll love this new resource…

It’s called TaDa List.

You can create as many easy to-do lists as you like in it and save and organize them in an easy to find way, so you bring more sanity to your day.

A great feature it has that I love is giving you the ability to search for a word inside all your saved to-do lists.

So no longer you need to search through piles of paper for the to-do list you’re looking for. You simply search for a keyword about it and it’s right in front of you in 3 seconds!

Check out this helpful tool here.

Pssst… between you and me, TaDa List was one of the 10 powerful tools we shared in List Profit Club last month.

You’re wondering what the other 9 are?

Well, I’d love to tell you but then I’ll have the insider members of the club running after me, not happy with me revealing their insider tools to other people. 🙂

But if you’re curious and would like to find out, you can check it out for yourself here.

Just don’t tell them I told you this. 😉

To your success,

Ladan Lashkari

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