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Sun, Oct 14, 2007

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This is the last series of *leaked* insider resources from List Profit Club for you… but brace yourself because today’s tool is the biggest one of the 3…

I first found it a few months ago through one of my important business partners. Since it has helped me save hundreds of hours until now, I decided to share it with you here.

Here’s a question for you first…

– Are you playing with a “project” in your business right now?
– Do you outsource any part of your tasks?

If your answer to either of the above questions is Yes, then
today’s resource is going to make your days much easier and more

You see, hundreds of books have been written on project management, yet you certainly have more important things to do to read them all, right? 🙂

Dozens of project management software programs are being sold out there, but most of them are either too complicated or too simple and useless for you.

And your time and money is certainly more valuable to buy and try them all, right?

But still you know how having perfect project management skills and tools is almost like a guarantee to increase your productivity and save you time.

Well, with today’s helpful resource, you can do both…

This cool free tool is BaseCamp.

It is a powerful yet very easy to use project management tool that is the secret tool of many top-notch project managers and professionals.

I have been secretly using it with my own staff and some elite clients for a few months now, and absolutely love the way it makes everything easy and organized.

After such a great personal experience with it, I wasn’t surprised at all when I heard BaseCamp has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and many other credible publications you have heard of.

You can see it in action for yourself here.

Oh, and did I mention it’s free for you to create an account? 🙂

Note: I am *not* affiliated with BaseCamp in any way
. I’m just sharing this helpful resource with you to help you manage your projects and outsourcing easier.

This is another *leaked* insider tool brought to you from inside List Profit Club member toolbox. 🙂


To your success,

Ladan Lashkari

P.S. Would you like to be one of the first to find out the latest powerful tools for your business – like BaseCamp, TaDa List, and HighRise (that you discovered in the last 2 days)?

Then you’re welcome to check out List Profit Club – because it’s THE place this insider tools and secrets are revealed as we speak…

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