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When you want to choose a credit card processing company to help you sell your products online and accept credit card orders, it is important to pay attention to some important tips to make the best choice.

After all, you are building your entire business with ONE important goal in mind: Making a sale.

So when your customer is ready to order, the service you use to accept the order can make or break the sale.

If their payment processing service lacks some important factors or is not easy to use enough, you may lose your valuable sale that you were about to make.

So here are 3 important tips to consider when choosing a credit card processing solution

Tip #1: How Fast Do They Give You Your Money?

When you make a sale, you have earned a profit which is great. But what is also important is how fast you’ll receive your money.

For example when using a service like PayPal, you will get your money instantly – the moment the customer’s order is processed successfully at PayPal.

So you can spend it, send it to someone else, or withdraw it to your bank account very quickly.

But most other credit card processing companies don’t pay you so fast.

For example ClickBank, which is a popular service, sends out your checks every two weeks.

Some other companies even will pay you less often – like once a month.

So it is good to pay attention to their policy and compare to choose the best service with fastest payouts.

Here’s another powerful insider tip…

Tip #2: What Is Their Per Transaction Fee?

Credit card processing companies usually charge anywhere from 2% to as high as 10% in some of them.

So as you see, 8% difference in fees per sale is a big difference. You can maximize your net profits by finding a merchant service provider that has the lowest fee.

Tip #3: Test Their Customer Support

Here is a smart technique to find out if they really have a good and responsible support system…

Simply contact them and pretend you are a customer who has recently made a purchase but hasn’t received the product yet.

You can use a fake name and email address if you want.

Then see their reaction, how they handle your problem, and how polite and patient they are.

You can also try complaining a lot to them and acting as a "difficult customer" would, to test how they deal with this type of your customers in the future.

Are they polite? Are they patient and tolerate even the most difficult-to-satisfy customers?

This is a very important test to do before going with a certain payment processing company, because you are going to leave your valued customers billing issue in their hands – which a VERY important matter.

So you want to make sure they are capable of it.

To your success!

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