Credit Card Processing Solutions – Best One for YOU?

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So you want to sell your products online? Then you know you need to accept credit card payments and other possible forms of online payments, so your customers can buy from you since they can’t hand you their physical card.

You can either use your own merchant account , or and easy third-party credit card processing service .

You may have noticed that most small business online use the second option because it is much easier and faster.

Also third-party services are more affordable for online small business owners , because using your own merchant account has some on-going costs – like the gateway software monthly fee, and so on.

So usually companies that receive a large number of orders every month use their own merchant account.

So what about using credit card processing services?

I’ve been personally using them for 3+ years to accept thousands of online sales from customers worldwide… and let me assure you they are so easy that a computer amateur can use them in a snap.

Here are some of the most popular and reliable payment processing services for you :

PayPal is one of the most common online payment solutions and you can easily start using it for free and instantly.

Just it doesn’t have a built-in shopping cart software to manage your multiple products. So it will work perfectly when you use it with a powerful shopping cart software like 1ShoppingCart.

I tried using them together last year and it became such a powerful sales system that I was so excited about.

But there is one important downside to using PayPal that has made me and thousands of other sellers to move away from it – even though we really do love the ease of use of it.

So what is it?

You can find out more about other Pros and Cons of using PayPal as your payment processor, and compare it with others in this helpful guide.

ClickBank … you sure have heard of it or personally purchased from it many times. It is one of the Net’s most popular marketplaces.

Thousands of people sell products there. They offer decent features to you as a seller. Also you get leverage to 10,000+ affiliates searching their product listing to promote some.

So you have a high chance of gaining some strong marketing partners for free and without any promotional effort on your part.

Just ClickBank has some downsides that is making sellers there switch to other companies.

You can find out more about other Pros and Cons of using ClickBank as your payment processor, and compare it with other solutions in this helpful guide.

۲CheckOut … It is one of the most professional and powerful credit card processing services. I have personally tried using it to sell my products and was pleasantly surprised to see how organized and powerful their system was.

You will gain lots of options to customize your sales process. Also you can accept a few various forms of other online payment methods – like PayPal – while selling your product at 2CheckOut.

I know many top Internet marketer friends who have been happily using 2CO for years to make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You can find out more about other Pros and Cons of using 2CheckOut as your payment processor, and compare it with other solutions in this helpful guide.

Plimus … It is a very powerful payment processing solution that not only allows you to customize your entire sales process to maximize sales…

But also helps you offer various online payment methods that none of the above competitors do.

Methods like online checks, wire transfer, phone orders, fax orders, PayPal , and so on.

I’ve been selling 90% of my 20+ products using Plimus since 3 years ago and have been more than thrilled with their service.

You may not have heard of Plimus until today and may be wondering why, if they are so good.

Well, it is because Plimus is totally free and so they don’t have an affiliate program. So it is less incentive for online marketers to promote it.

I’m letting you know about it here not to gain any commission (as you see it is not an affiliate link). But to help you find the best credit card processing service that is best for your special needs.

But there is one little downside to Plimus though and it’s their relatively higher per transaction fee.

You can find out more about other Pros and Cons of using Plimus as your payment processor, and compare it with other solutions in this helpful guide.

Hope you’ve found the above tips helpful in your path to choose your payment processing solution.

If you also have personal experience or tips about it, feels free to post it in your Comment below.

To your success! 🙂


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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Behzad Says:

    Hi Ladan,
    Happy Nowruz!

    How about if I want to run my business from Iran?
    How did you solve this problem these years?

  2. Ladan Lashkari Says:

    Hi Behzad,

    Thanks. Happy Iranian New Year to you too.

    If you want to accept credit card orders from Iran, you need to travel to abroad and open a bank account there.

    Because banks in Iran can’t be used because of the US Trade Embargo.

    Then you can use services like ClickBank, Plimus, or 2CheckOut as mentioned above to sell your products online.

    Good luck!

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