Amazing AdSense Keyword Research Tool

Several months ago I discovered an amazing keyword research tool great for AdSense publishers…

I thought over the idea of sharing it here in public a few times until I decided to finally do it.

Because you see, this tool is so powerful that I thought maybe lots of people would rush to it and use it to create niche websites for AdSense and it makes the markets I am in too crowded.

But then I decided that Thinking Abundance is what is the way to go. Because when we give more, it doesn’t take anything away from us usually. Also it comes back in another form to us in the future.

Anyway, so here you’re going to discover this fantastic tool…

==> Keyword Country

I won’t go into the details all the great benefits it has and how it helps you do specific keyword research because you can find them all on their helpful website.

Just in summary, you can find lots of very high paying keywords for your AdSense sites using it.

I’m talking about keywords that bring $2-3 clicks… instead of usual tiny $0.05 clicks that just "break our hearts" when we see them in our AdSense stats. 😉

After several months of trying the software for my 10+ brand new niche sites, I’m getting more and more amazed…

The clicks are very profitable and the income for the sites keeps growing and growing on autopilot. So I’m easily building simple, easy niche sites that bring in $100-$300 every month totally on autopilot…

And this is the results for the sites just after a few months and the automated income for each still keeps growing every month.

(I’m not sharing these results to brag in any way. But want to help you see how easy and possible it is for YOU .) 🙂

So if you like the idea of turning your $0.05 clicks to $2 clicks, then this software is something you don’t want to miss. Trust me.

You can find out more about Keyword Country on their site here.

* This is NOT an affiliate link. Yes, I could include the affiliate link here and make some easy profits, but then some people would think I’m talking so excitedly about it just to make some bucks.

So now you can be sure I don’t get anything if you use this software or now. Just the satisfication of helping you make more money. 🙂

Good luck and wish you ever-growing wealth!


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  1. Saeed Says:

    Dear Ladan
    You are so generous. I thank you so.
    Good luck

  2. vivek Says:

    Hi Ladan
    I have stumbled upon your blog.Thanks for all the information on your blog.

    May god bless you!

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