۲۱st Birthday Thoughts and Inspirations

Yes, today is my 21st Birthday . 🙂

Like I shared with you last year on my 20th Birthday blog post , every year on my birthday I always look back carefully on the past year and analyze everything that I did, the goals accomplished, lessons learned, and so on.

So this year again, I’m doing the same…

And I decided to share it with YOU again, because the fact that you are a valued reader of my blog, makes me excited about sharing with you some things to help you achieve your goals faster and give you inspiration to see everything is possible!

Here are just a few of things I did last year – the 21st year of my life…

  • Launched 11 websites and 5 big Internet marketing projects…
  • Met lots of top Internet marketing minds and super-experts and built business connections with them.Also learned despite of making millions of dollars a year, having people "bowing " in front of them and calling them "Gods" and "Gurus"… most of them are still humble, kind and wonderful people with a big heart you’ll be amazed to see. 🙂
  • Increased my monthly income and switched it from manual style to 95% fully automated, so I don’t have to spend much time on my business a month.Actually if I stop working forever now, I have automated profits coming to my bank account every month which I can use to live my dream lifestyle.But hey, I won’t stop working forever, because I’m in love with what I do and helping people achieve the same freedom and lifestyle. 🙂

    The point is, won’t you feel wonderful to do what you LOVE to do… but know you don’t HAVE to?

  • Traveled to outside of Iran for the first time ever in my life (May 2007, Singapore). Now this is something big because the majority of people there don’t get to do it even once in their whole life, because of visa obstacles and the costs of it.This is when being an Internet marketer rocks! 🙂
  • Moved out of Iran permanently (one of my top 3 goals since I was 12 years old ) and started living in Malaysia for the time being.
  • During my travels and adventures around, I learned amazing lessons about life – so invaluable that I wouldn’t agree to exchange them for $1 million . Seriously.

And you just saw a glimpse of things happening during last year. 🙂

So what about YOU?

Have you achieved the goals you set for yourself during the past year?

If you’ve had amazing success, I am so glad to hear it. I admire you for your success and hope to be learning from you to get to where you have reached. 🙂

If you however didn’t reach all your planned goals last year and look forward to more success in your Business or personal life this year, I heartily wish you the best of luck and hope to be hearing your success story here soon . 🙂

Because I know you have all it takes to achieve all your goals.

Yes, no matter how BIG your goals are, you are BIGGER than them and can achieve them all.

  • Even if you are 16 year "young" – like I was when I got started in Internet marketing…
  • Even if you started with less than a $100 budget that you borrowed from your grandmother … 🙂
  • Even if you are from a special country where you’re not allowed to have a PayPal account, can’t cash USD checks, or even can’t get a normal credit/debit card from your banks…
  • And even if you believe in yourself and know you will succeed… but you are the only person believing that, and others around you try to disappoint you…

Because you know what?

Challenges and obstacles are only a test to check if we REALLY want success strongly enough to stick – no matter what.

If we get tired soon and and give up, we’ve failed this test.

But if we stick to it for a while and keep trying, the rewards will be HUGE… and well worth it.

So don’t let challenges trick you to believe they are too strong or permanent, because you are smarter than them and know they’re NOT. 🙂

Wish you all the best!


P.S. So when is YOUR birthday?

Do you do a similar analysis every year about thing you did, learned, and accomplished last year?

Me and our other people from all over the world reading this blog would love to hear from you. So hit the comment button below and let us know about YOU! 🙂

P.P.S. Stay tuned because you’re going to meet some amazing people in the next post. People who each are unique and a jewel in their own way.

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13 Comments For This Post

  1. Louis Says:

    Happy Birthday Ladan!

    I often reflect on different dates. One is typically New Year’s in January. Other is my birthday in June. Additionally, I sometimes reflect on what I’ve done since graduating college, getting out of the army, or attending a particular life changing event.

    Besides individual goals, I reflect on books I’ve read, friends I’ve met, places I’ve been or experiences I’ve had. I’ve been journaling fairly consistently since 2000. It’s interesting to go back and see what I was thinking back then. It’s also fun to imagine what I’ll think someday about what I’m doing right now.

    The ultimate reflection question for me is whether I’m becoming the person I want to be.


    PS. If you were in the US, you’d now be old enough to add alcohol to your “Get Ladan A Drink” choices. 😆

  2. George Kanellopoulos Says:

    Happy Birthday Ladan

    Great to see you had such an active year..I believe its important to review what you have done to achieve your goals…Great to see your dream became a reality and inch by inch we can all get there…Yes we can all make it..its just a matter of getting through those obstacles so we can reach our are proof of that..


  3. Ladan Lashkari Says:


    Thank you. 🙂

    Yes, I agree with you that it is really good and valuable to reflect back on our life on various occasions – like our birthday and new year holiday.

    As you said, it’s amazing to look back and see how we’ve changed and grown in terms of beliefs and experiences.

    Wish you all the best,


    P.S. Hmmm, yes, you’re right. 🙂

  4. Ladan Lashkari Says:


    Thanks for your birthday wish. 🙂

    Hope others see the path of success as you explained here, because do you agree that then we’d have much fewer “give up”‘s… just a foot before success?

    Best wishes,

  5. Milak Iman Says:

    Hey Ladan, Happy birthday! 🙂

    Found your thoughts here inspiring as I am still in the path of reaching success and results in my Internet marketing business.

    Hope I get to where you are one day!


  6. Joe Shun Says:

    Good insights shared here. Thanks!

    Certainly a fruitful year for you, Ladan. Wish your next year will be even better.

    All the best,

  7. primuskannan Says:

    Happy Birthday and many more happy returns 😀

    Its been a long time since I saw your post.
    Hope you will keep us updated on your path
    to progress!

  8. Mohan Says:

    You make a FANTASTIC role model for persistency in evolving and advancing in a progressive manner.

    Keep sharing and life will remain great.

    A very happy birthday to you, may nothing but the very best go your way.

  9. Debra Lyn Says:

    Shengri kuaile Ladan! Congratulations on your 21st. In Australia 21st birthday’s are celebrated in style so I hope you did just that. I’m amazed at your success at such a young age! You are an inspiration to all. I wish you all the best on your amazing journey. 😀

  10. Mary Gallagher Says:

    Hi, Ladan, what an amazing journey you are traveling… Glad to be on it with you as you share your success, insights, and challenges.

    Happy Birthday, and yes, birthday time each year is a whirlwind of reflection for me too. Continuing in the path started and forking to parts of the path untraveled as yet are usually brought out by experiences I have during the month before and after my actual birthday date… (which is 5/5/55!.

    So, right now, I am moving toward that month before to evaluate what results the past years’ actions have actually brought. Thank you for your consistency in action, modeling success as you share your progress. I learn from you, Thank you. I look forward to share with you more as I become more public online.

  11. Jim Gibbons Says:

    Howdy Ladan & a hearty happy birthday. Are you a Pisces? My birthday is coming up next month & my daughter is flying in from Tennesse to visit plus help me do a garage sale.
    This week I signed up with a mentor to help me to build a web site business. I probably haven’t told you but I have not had any computer training, don’t understand the terminology & screw things up continuely.

    Do you have a favorite web site that makes you good money that you would suggest for me to connect with? I would appreciate any ideas you could pass along.

    Again may you have a wonderful 21st year & continue along your happy & prosperous
    journey. Adios, Jim. .

  12. OJO, samuel Says:

    You’ve won my heart through the personal report over the last year and your successes. May you grow from strength to strength.

    I wouldn’t say I record a pin of your successes, I didn’t do too badly either. As a retired public servant, I had a measure of achievements in that I was invited by some Government organisations here in my State to organise seminars for their junior staff and I made some good bucks. I tried to ensure that I made progress on Internet Marketing by enrolling with the Wealthy to have some education in Internet Marketing which I began just last month.

    In spite of my not having made it as planned, I am not giving up my dreams of making it big online and by my 62nd birthday in July 2008, I want to write a good report about myself.

    Happy 21st birthday and many happy returns of the day.

  13. Behzad Says:

    Hi, sorry for the delay. My internet connection were lost.

    Anyway, Happy Birth Day to You.

    I’m surprised. Glad to see you’re a PISCES, too 😀

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