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Mon, Apr 9, 2007

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I was tagged by Rob Sellen to share my 10 daily success tips.

I think it is was a good idea that everyone shares his/her success tips because at the end we’ll all end up having a big list of proven success tips we can use to grow our own success.

So here are my top 10 daily success tips…

۱٫ Smile

It’s one of my most important daily habits which has brought lots of fun and joy to my life.

I smile when in the very first moments in the morning after I wake up… as well as the moments when I’m in bed before falling into sleep.

I smile many times for no special reason but to feel cheerful… and it works wonders!

So the next time you feel down or you’re facing a problem, just smile and you’ll see you’ll feel good this easily and very quickly.

But wait a minute! Why wait until then? Let’s smile now! 😀

OK, so let’s go to another secret to my success and happiness…

۲٫ Visualizing My Dream Life

Every day I visualize my dream life – as if I’m already living there. I imagine myself walking and cooking in my dream home, driving with my dream car, and really living my dream life.

This not only makes me very excited about going after my goals, but also this is an important part of the Law of Attraction. Doing this exercise has had such a big effect on my life and reaching my previous goals that I can’t ever deny it.

If you want to learn more about how it works, I highly recommend you watch The Secret.

If you haven’t heard about this movie yet (are you living under a rock? ;)), it’s a fantastic movie that I think if people really believe the concept in it and start using it, it will be the biggest revolution our world has ever seen to itself.

۳٫ Positive Thinking and Feeling

Some people think positive thinking means lying to yourself, because there are many problems in life and positive people keep fooling themselves that it’s all perfect.

But you know what? Positive thinking is not about saying there are no problems in life, but to believing there are many great things happening in life and there ARE some problems too. But we can solve them easily.

So if you really want to be a happy person, why not try being positive for a week and see what happens?

I guarantee that you’ll see you can solve more of your problems by simply not focusing on the problem but on finding the solution.

۴٫ Real Effective Time Management

Time. It’s THE most valuable asset we have.

You can buy anything with it: money, health, love, joy…

But you can’t give anything to buy 1 more hour a day and have 25 hours.
Ask everyone who knows me a little and they’ll tell you I’m a “fanatic” when it comes to trying to make the most of my time.

I just can’t stand seeing my time is being wasted. Period.

If you really want to become a highly successful person in your business or your life in general, you must learn how to make the most of your most valuable asset: Your time.

۵٫ Waking Up Early in the Morning

I’ve realized nothing gives me more energy throughout the day than waking up early in the morning and starting working on my business.

Because then that day I always feel I’m ahead and this gives me more energy and sense of proud and accomplishment.

۶٫ Daily Praxes

This is a great task and time management strategy that Mark Joyner teaches in his fantastic Simpleology 101 program.

It helps you organize your tasks every day and keep your mind clear and active. Actually it’s more than this. I highly recommend you check out Mark’s Simpleology 101 for yourself.

I know it has had a wonderful effect on my success speed.

I’m sure it will have on yours too.

۷٫ Learning New Things

When it comes to learning something new, I’m a curious kid jumping up and down wanting to know more.

When I’m at a social gathering or party and I hear some people are discussing a new topic, I’m there in 1 second. 🙂

No matter it’s learning about technology, economics, computer and Internet, business, or even animals… I’m in!

I believe this enthusiasm to keep learning and growing my mind has been responsible for a big part of my success.

۸٫ Dancing

I love dancing and find it one of the most fun activities to do.

Nothing gives me more energy boost than dancing freely for my own heart after spending hours on my business and making my mind tired.

۹٫ Being Different

I believe all successful people have been different from other people. Very different.

They saw, said, and did things other people didn’t. It might sometimes made them to have fewer friends, but they didn’t care.

Most people think being different is bad so they always try to make themselves look like other people and act like others do to look normal and not “weird”.

If I did this and just accepted to stick to being “normal”, I was just a college student with a boring routine life… with no income, goals, no past, and no future.

But now I have my own business and many products and website, making $7,000+ and growing every month. I work on a business I really love and have business friends and partners that I love working with.

I have BIG goals that people don’t dare to imagine…

And all of this is because I decided to be different.

I really believe being is different is good – VERY good.

It spells the difference between being a super successful person, and just an ordinary person like billions of other unhappy, unsuccessful people out there.

So I’m going to be different once again, and finish this post with only 9 tips instead of 10… 🙂

Good luck with your life!

P.S. Who comes next?

Well, I tag Dr. Mani and Case Stevens to share their success sercets.

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14 Comments For This Post

  1. Irwan Yusriadi Says:

    Thanks Ladan 4 Your tips 🙂

  2. Ivan P. Greindl Says:

    Hi, Ladan,

    I just read your success story on Michel Fortin’s blog. I’m amazed! And I wanted to congratulate you for your perseverance. I thought I was persistent myself (because having overcome many difficulties too), but obviously I’m far behind you. 🙂
    You principles are excellent and I’m sure it will not take a long time before you’ll reach a huge success.
    With my best wishes and kindest regards,

  3. Ladan Lashkari Says:

    Thank you Ivan. 🙂

    Best wishes,


  4. GJMonfort Says:

    Your 9 different success Tips made me sit straight.
    But most of the days I leave computor only around 4 or 5 early morning. What do you say? Is this not good to work in a calm atmosphere. I went to thro’ Dr. Mani’s also.
    Ladan thro’ your blogs, I’m coming into the circle by knowing who is who.

    Thanx Ladan!

    GJ Monfort

  5. edifier Says:

    great advise from the great women..thank you Ladan

  6. Bahar Says:

    thanx ladan for sharing. Sometime we always neglect the little thing and its surely cause us a fortune..:) thanx again

  7. Rosalyn Loxley Says:

    Hi Ladan,
    I enjoyed reading your daily success tips. You are a very positive person and that is a great quality. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it means a lot when we are a little down about things. You made me smile.
    Take care,

  8. Case Stevens Says:

    Hello Ladan,

    You’re getting famous!

    Thanks for the invite.
    It will be hard to beat your tips, but I’ve tried.


  9. Ladan Lashkari Says:

    Hi Case,

    Thanks for sharing your 10 tips. I enjoyed reading them.

    I especially agree with tips #1 and #5. I believe the key to success is daring to be unique and different from the herd.

    Best wishes,

  10. Rob Sellen Says:


    Great to see your tips and glad to have tagged you.

    Hope all is well.
    I am glad to be back online after a few weeks away from it all.

    Take care.


  11. Ojo Ola Says:

    Ladan, You are really wonderful doing those ten things everyday. While it’s my habit to smile and laugh heartily everyday, I shall try to emulate you in other aspects and I hope one of these days, I shall get to the height you’ve attained.

  12. Ladan Lashkari Says:

    Thanks Rob. I enjoyed reading your tips too. 🙂

    Best wishes,

  13. Ladan Lashkari Says:


    It’s a great habit to laugh and have fun every day.

    Keep it up! 🙂


  14. Earned Wealth Says:

    Great information! Thanks for writing this. It is an honor to participate in the discussion.

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